With multiple specialized personnel in our team, we are making our mark in supporting SMEs receive financial and investment advice to further accelerate their growth.

We can help you overcome all your financial obstacles!

VAT Consultants in Dubai

10 years of experience

We have been providing our tax consultancy and VAT advice services on a global level since a decade. Our aim is to make this service available to the local people and make sure it complies with the rules and regulations in their country. Our everyday experiences have prepared us to tackle the financial world in a smooth way. We have taken an oath to protect our clients from paying more than they should, and preaching the justified way of financial auditing and reporting. We provide customized consultation to each individual or company, according to their needs.
We ensure Safe Investment.We identify practices that impede productive investment, design financially and practical plans of action, and support our clients through all phases of shift and operation.
We possess an in-depth understanding of the complex and dynamic interface between the public and private sources of financial services and risk management solutions.
Our wide range of analytical tools are used to effectively evaluate market conditions and design recommendations that are informed by international ethics and finest practices while being sensitive contextual issues. We are proficient at utilizing qualitative and quantitative data collection tools to inform our analytical work and have established skills in carrying out consultations with a wide range of stakeholders.We have worked with clients in economies in all stages of development and in institutions all over the world.
Our product and services are abridged as follows:
• International top practices in operations of development banks and financial institutions
• Benchmarking performance against your peer institutions
• Examination to inform policy formulation and programming for optimizing your development directive
• Institutional investigation to develop and augment governance and risk management systems

Our Team

When professionals meet, they combine their knowledge and skills to bring something extraordinary. Therefore, at TGA Consulting, we are able to deliver our excellent consultancy services to small-scale business, banks and financial institutions.

When professionals meet, they combine their knowledge and skills to bring something extraordinary. Therefore, at TGA Consulting, we are able to deliver our excellent consultancy services to small-scale business, banks and financial institutions. Our business was founded on the belief that our clients deserve upfront, self-determining advice, offered by highly trusted and experiencedadvisors.

As an investment advisory firm, we offer our clients with advice based on time-tested, sound principles and with the data they need to make comprehensive financial decisions. Our institutional practices and private client are relationship based,supported by our extremely experienced staff who are devoted to provide each client with attention and extraordinary service.

Our Expertise

We assist you in completing your VAT return and make sure you do not experience double taxation or any such situation where you are financially worse off. Training is provided by the best talent in the market. There is no scope for a mistake as we make our clients satisfied on each visit.


  • Hassan Nael
    "Dealing with Banks can always be a daunting task as an SME, with many balls to juggle, it is a challenge to keep on top of the underlying interest costs on debt. Thankfully, I outsourced this to TGA Consulting and they helped significantly reduct my cost of borrowing."
    Hassan Nael
    HHIT Consultancy
  • "The very best. We've seen amazing results already. Definitely worth the investment. It's all good."


Confused about hiring a lawyer for tax payments? If you have limited exposure to the financial market or legal regulations of UAE, TGA will assist you with their first class services regarding all your Tax and finance related questions and concerns.

VAT Consultant in Dubai

We provide you with our valuable VAT Consultation in Dubai to ensure that you are paying the right amount to the concerned authorities. We assist small business owners, finance companies and all types of people with filling their tax return the right way.

Finance Management in Dubai

Stay debt free and mange your financial assets with the help of experts. Some of the financial advice we provide our clients consists of debt reformation, facility reformation and capital usage so that you are in compliance with your company’s objectives.

In the present business environment, corporate finance faces issues identifying with individual firms and to make your life easier, we have hired professionals that are proficient at finance management in Dubai. In particular, the field of corporate finance seeks to decide the ideal speculations that organizations should make, the best techniques for paying for those ventures, and the most ideal methods to make sure the company has enough cash flow. M

Investment Advice in Dubai

We help you with all kinds of investment techniques and suggest you the best one according to your specifications. With experience of dealing in the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) and Dubai Financial Market (DFM), we can handle the stock market for your investment.

Our investment advisors evaluate a client's current financial status and help the client set realistic, achievable financial goals. We can address an extensive array of questions proficiently. We also make investment recommendations, provide objective advice, and help clients weigh the financial consequences of life decisions. The main purpose of our investment advice in Dubai is to help clients stay organized.

All of our investmentadvisors are highly trained and qualified to the level set by the FCA or Financial Conduct Authority.They will calculate your personal and financial circumstances and discuss the various financial options which are out there, which are suitable for you and guide you on the strengths and weaknesses of each of the options.

Crime Training in Dubai

We help to make sure, you are following the international rules of taxation and financial management. Therefore, we hire our trained staff to further pass on their knowledge to our clients. We assist Anti- Financial Crime institutions, Banks and any other client who interested to stay under compliance and combust financial crime.

Sometimes mistakenly or due to negligence, one can have the appearance of criminal activity. In any case, tax glitches can become increasingly bothersome for taxpayers who fail to resolve their issues.

Once registered for crime training in Dubai, you will be required to file periodic statutory declarations. In particular, you will need to be filed (usually every month or quarter), which reviews all the taxable transactions that a business made in that period.